Full recycling line inside a container!

All over the world, huge amounts of PET bottles are discarded after single use. Not only is this unsustainable, it also wastes material value. PET is a widely applicable material and easily recyclable. PET is also very suitable for 3D printing large scale products.

At BLOOM, we have developed and built a complete production line that leads from bottle to product. This production line fits entirety into a 20ft container (size 6,06×2,44×2,59m)!

To achieve this, we have developed a robotic “direct flake” printer that can process the crushed bottles directly. This eliminates an energy, space and time-consuming production step; namely the compounding of PET chips into granules or filament.

The great additional advantage of this compact container solution is that the production line can function independently, in any (isolated) area. Only power supply is required. At this location, the production line can process PET bottles into products according to local needs, for a certain period of time.

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