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PipeLife Group

AR system Cell

Pipelife is a global leader in sustainable piping solutions that connect people and communities to water, energy, and data. Their mission is to provide the infrastructure required to create a safer, healthier, and more carefree living environment for current and future generations. Their solutions may be hidden behind walls, in floors, underground, or at the bottom of the sea, but they are always a part of your life.

Pipelife has an AR system Cell in several locations around the world, they primarily employ our machines to mass-produce customized flow profiles. Because it eliminates the cost of creating various molds for every product, additive manufacturing is simply the best solution for mass-producing customized products.
Pipelife saw the possibilities of additive manufacturing for mass production very early on since they were the first company to utilize it.

“We are worldwide the first company to introduce 3D printing technology in manufacturing. I firmly believe we are setting a new standard for efficient, precise, and safe production. Automated 3D printing is a good example of the benefits of industry 4.0 technologies in production”

Harald Schwarzmayr

CEO Pipelife

Bloom robotics
Bloom robotics
Bloom robotics
Bloom robotics

The Dutch ministry of Defence

AR system Mobile

The Royal Netherlands Army’s land operation (The Army) and the Royal Netherlands Navy (The Navy) both have a machine made by us here at BLOOM Robotics.

The Army has an AR system mobile that can be set up anywhere in the world with just the power needed. This machine processes PET bottles into flakes that it can print with. Listen to the podcast that features our machine (note: it’s in Dutch) click here

The Royal Netherlands Navy (The Navy) has an AR system Cell which they use to print components for their ships and placeholder parts for when the real ones need fixing.

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Bloom robotics

VINK Kunststoffen

Robotic welding system

VINK plastics is a company that specializes in various different plastic products and distribution. They have the widest stock program in plastic sheets, foil, blocks, pipes and fittings and all possible applications of plastic semi-finished products, in the Netherlands and the European market.

Our product at VINK is a specially developed plastic welding cell that just like our other systems uses a robotic arm but this one isn’t made for 3d-printing but for the welding of plastic semi-finished products to one another.  


AR system

3D-Robotprinting is a sister company to BLOOM Robotics. They design, develop, and produce large-scale plastic products. They mainly make prototypes or one-off productions for a wide variety of customers from every single sector, from art to universities to maritime manufacturers.

3D-Robotprinting is the company that developed our very first large-scale 3d-printing machine back in 2012. This is a Staubli robotic arm with an ADE25h extruder. This extruder sits horizontally next to the robotic arm instead of being mounted on the flange of the arm. This gives the advantage of it being used on a smaller robotic arm but still be able to 3d-print large-scale.

Ever since the first 3d-prints we did with this machine we’ve kept developing and
innovation on our designs to get us where we are today.

That very first machine from 2012 still runs and prints. But don’t take our word for it, drop by and see for yourself!

Bloom robotics


AR system Gantry

Royal3D is a 3Dprinting service company developing and introducing new 3D printers, products, and solutions to our customers. Royal3D also is an integrator offering fabrication and consultancy solutions using extensive marine engineering and technology expertise from their mother company Royal Roos.

Royal3D has one of our biggest machines, the AR system gantry. A massive 12meter long gantry system with a Robotic arm on top.

Our AR system gantry at Royal3D is primarily used to print 7+ meter long sloops. Our gantry system is ideal for this application because it has the size required to print the sloops and the ability to print very complex shapes thanks to the 9 axles that the gantry combined with the robotic arm has.


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