Additive manufacturing

The focus of this company lies in additive manufacturing as we are experts on the subject. We can help you utilize additive manufacturing in your production process in many ways. Because we are the leading system integrator for turnkey industrial Serial Additive Robotic systems for mass production.

Additive manufacturing system large scale 3d-printer
robotic milling machine


If your problem can’t be solved with additive manufacturing then that is no problem because we also provide solutions with subtractive manufacturing. Our machines can be converted for milling purposes. This can also be combined with our additive manufacturing options to be able to automate production and post-processing.


 Welding plastics is a difficult operation that must tread a fine line between heating the plastic components sufficiently to allow them to join correctly and damaging them with excessive heat. That’s why this is a perfect task for an automated robotic system because a robot can easily keep the precise heat that is necessary.

robot welding machine
additive manfacturing machine in container


 Our machines can also be set up to be used for automated adhesive dispensing. Having an automated robotic gluing system can greatly increase the efficiency and precision of your gluing process. This technology can not only be used to automate any gluing process but it can also be used in combination with our additive manufacturing machines to glue different 3d-printed parts together.  

Material management

With our additive manufacturing machines, we also provide a material management system.

From 1.000l storage silos, hopper loaders till precise dosing systems. We work closely together with Movacolor and Achberg to integrate these items seamlessly into our turnkey additive manufacturing machines.

With every machine we make a custom material management system that best suits our clients needs.

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Hopperloader additive manufacturing machine

We can provide our solutions with robotic systems from various different brands.

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