AR System gantry

AR system gantry

Most additive manufacturing machines either use a gantry type system or a robotic arm. Both have their own advantages over the other. For example, a gantry can be made bigger, and a robot arm can print on more axes.

What if you would combine these two 3d printing methods and attach the robot arm to a gantry? You would get our biggest machine yet! This machine gives the same possibilities as our other mass production 3d-printers but with a substantially bigger working area.

Thanks to the combined strengths of the gantry and robotic arm it can utilize all the angels that the robotic arm can print at and the size that the gantry system can offer. It can print as large as 12000 x 4000 x 6000mm with the level of precision and complexity that the 6-axis robotic arm offers. The robotic arm this machine uses is the ABB IRB6650S.

This machine can be equipped with either our ADE25 or ADE30 extruders depending on what you want to print.

Please contact us to determine which option is best for your needs.