We provide a variety of printbeds for our various additive manufacturing machines. Our main options are the PBh and PBm.

The PBh is a horizontal stationary printbed that can be mounted on the floor next to one of our machines and is always installed in our AR system mobile. It has a replaceable top-layer for stable grip.

The PBm is a printbed mounted on a positioner that allows it to move in tandem with the robotic arm, allowing us to eliminate unnecessary support material. This saves money, materials, and time. The positioner also provides the machine with additional axes for more complex shapes. This printbed has been especially designed for mass production, it has an automated print release system built in. Therefore, it can continuously keep producing the same product and release it to a conveyer without human intervention.

For our gantry-based machine we make a custom printbed that best suits your needs.

PBm printbed on positioner