Direct flake printing

additive manfacturing machine in container

The ADE30f is our 30mm flakes extruder.

The ADE30f is an extruder that has been designed to be able to print flakes instead of the normal pellets/granules. This means that it can directly print with shredded plastics which gives it a whole other range of possibilities. For example, starting a completely recycled and circular process by printing with shredded PET bottles (click here to see). An other possibility is to make new products with shredded plastic consumer waste. As you can see the recycling possibilities with this technology are huge and maybe even world changing?

The extruder has a maximum output of 8 kg/h and an average output of 4.5 kg/h.

This extruder comes in two variants the ADE30f and the ADE30fh. These two are essentially the same except that the fh is mounted horizontally next to the additive manufacturing machine and the f model is attached directly to the flange of the robot. Because the material from the h model must be supplied to the nozzle on the robotic arm via a hotmelt hose, it can only reach a temperature of 250°C, whereas the non h variant can reach a temperature of 300°C.