ADE25(h) Extruder

The ADE25 is our 25mm extruder.

It has been made to be used on a robotic arm, but we can modify it for use on other types of additive manufacturing machines.

This extruder comes in two different models the ADE25 and the ADE25h. The difference is that the h variant is horizontally mounted next to the robotic arm while the non h model is directly attached to the flange on the robot arm. Because the material from the h model must be supplied to the nozzle on the robotic arm via a hotmelt hose, it can only reach a temperature of 250°C, whereas the non h variant can reach a temperature of 300°C.

This extruder has been designed to work with a wide range materials. It has a maximum output of 8 kg/h with an average of 4,5 kg/h.

BLOOM Robotics Flage Mounted Extruder ADE25